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What are the advantages of an Inflatable Kayak?

What are the advantages of an Inflatable Kayak?

For many people, kayaking is the perfect activity. Whether it’s for exercise, relaxation, fishing, or socializing, kayaking is a very versatile sport with a short learning curve to get started.

At Paddle North, we recently introduced the redesigned Karve Kayak and Karve Kayak XL. Our goal when designing these kayaks was simple: a kayak that provides the most well-rounded paddling experience on the market. With its unique design, the Karve offers high end sit-in style speed and tracking, but also incorporates superior comfort and balance through a sit-on-top style user experience. This is done with some clever design applications of our inflatable technology.

To better illustrate why a Paddle North inflatable kayak may be the best fit for you, we’ve evaluated it based on portability, storage, durability, and performance. If you're interested in learning about inflatable vs. solid paddle boards, you can read about it here

Inflatable Kayaks are extremely portable. Like our inflatable paddle board, the Portager, our kayaks fit inside of a backpack, along with a three-piece aluminum paddle, seats, and manual pump (or electric pump). There is no need for a roof rack or truck to get to your destination since the Karve can be stored in the trunk of your car. Once you’re ready to paddle, just inflate - a simple, 5-10 minute process is all it takes. A carry weight of 32 lbs for the Karve, and only 44 lbs for the large Karve XL, they are very light and easy to carry to the water.

Just as it’s easy to transport, our inflatable kayaks are easy to store. There’s no need for a large garage with racks for storage. The Karve Kayaks can sit in the corner of a closet or tucked away in the basement. It’s perfect for apartments or small homes with limited storage options. Live in a city near a lake, river, or creek? The Karve Kayaks are perfect.

The Karve Kayaks are both made of drop-stitch PVC, which is renowned for its military grade durability - you can bring your dog, fishing gear, cooler, and more. When inflated and brought up to pressure, the material is also very rigid. There are also two air chambers for added security. The Karve Kayak can support up to 350 lbs while the Karve XL can support up to 650 lbs.

Versatile Performance
The Karve Kayaks are meant to provide a well-rounded experience for all skill levels. With a unique hull and stern shape, you can move fast. It’s also designed as a hybrid, so you can use it as a stand-up paddle board. Just remove the seat and replace one of the paddle blades with the included handle. The cockpit is wide enough to allow for comfortable paddling while standing up.

Because of its construction, the Karve Kayaks are also perfect for cold water paddling. Most hard shell kayaks lack any separation between cold water and the inner cockpit, meaning the cold can reach your body very fast. When filled with air, there is insulation and separation between the water and where you are seated. This helps maintain warmth and allows for a more comfortable paddling experience.

There are many kayaks on the market, with most designed towards specific kayaking specialties. Our Karve Kayaks are perfect for anyone looking for a do-it-all experience, along with the many benefits of inflatable water products. If there are additional questions you have, feel free to contact us 


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