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Six Ways to use the Utility Dock

Six Ways to use the Utility Dock

Our inflatable utility docks are the ultimate water toy. They’re fun for all ages and can be enjoyed in a multitude of different ways. We’ve compiled a list of our six favorite uses for the Utility Dock, but this list is not definitive and we encourage you to be creative!

1. Slip and Slide

Ready to cool off during a hot day on the lake? Use your Utility Dock to make a slide. Be sure to flip it upside down (handle and valves facing downward) and place it wherever you’d like to slide in to the water - the shoreline, off your dock, a sandbar. Splash some water on the surface and have fun. Run, slide, splash, and repeat.

 2. Sun Tan Raft

The Utility Dock serves as the ultimate outdoor tanning bed. Why lay on the beach, when you can relax out on the water? Inflate to 10+ PSI so it’s extra rigid, lay down a towel, sit back, and float away (you could also tether to your dock, boat, or anchor). If you get too hot, you can just roll into the lake to cool off before climbing back on and relaxing for a bit longer. Sunscreen is recommended.

3. Boat Work Platform

Performing maintenance, fixing, or cleaning a boat can be a frustrating experience. Make sure you don’t drop your tool or cleaning supplies in the lake. The Utility Dock is the perfect solution. There’s plenty of stable space to keep tools and cleaning supplies safe and dry while getting work done on your boat.

4. Behind-the-Boat Dock

Are you too wet to relax in your boat, but too relaxed to swim in the water? Just use one of our mooring bungees to connect your Utility Dock to the rear (or side) of your boat while having fun at a sandbar, or in the middle of a lake. This gives you another place to relax or play while exploring the lake with friends and family.

5. Kids Swim Platform

The Utility Dock is a versatile toy for kids to enjoy out on the water. They can jump off into the water and easily climb back on. Or, inflate to under 10 PSI and enjoy a wobbly, less buoyant water toy (similar to a foam water mat).

6. Sunset Picnic Dock

Enjoy some hors d’oeuvres out on the water as the sun sets and a beautiful day comes to an end. The Utility Dock is rigid enough to stay dry while relaxing and enjoying some snacks and drinks. Unwind as the sun disappears behind the horizon.


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