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Vol. 4: Q1 2023

Vol. 4: Q1 2023
Whew, what a start to the year...
  1. We delivered 3751 orders in Q1 and set a new all time sales record for the first three months of the year. Thank you for your support!

  2. We moved into our new office on the other side of our building, along with new desks and roller blade wheels on our old chairs. See a quick transformation video hereAC also gets installed here next week. This is the first time we've ever had that.

  3. We want to open another store. Where should it be? Click here and let us know!
  4. We did photo shoots for our new men's swimsuits, which will officially launch within the next 1-2 weeks. Vote here for who you hope made the cut as the Paddle North male model. 

  5. We're now 100% out of our old spot in Columbia Heights. If you show up there, you'll find a dog boarding space. Go there if you need dog boarding, not paddle boards.

  6. We hired two new awesome people to our retail team, and our first marketing intern. Welcome to the team David, Lane, and Sofie! They all start in May.
  7. The New Brighton storefront officially opens 7-days a week in our newly remodeled space on May 15th. Let us work out the bugs, then we'll have a big bash in June or July.

  8. We have two big announcements coming in June. If you guess them, we'll send you something cool. Take a guess here.  

  9. Shameless plug: We're going to be spending a lot more time on YouTube and it'd mean a lot to us if you subscribed to our channel.

  10. INVENTORY UPDATE: We've sold through preorders on our initial April / May production rounds of the Loaded Utility Docks and Karve Kayak 3.0. Be sure to claim yours from the next round slated for June availability. 

  11. We've quietly dropped some new gear and accessories over the past three months. Shop what's new. 



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