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Product Page Essentials

Product Page Essentials
You've got a product you want to sell online. How do you get more people to convert?

While priorities and inclusions for your PDP (Product Display Page) change over time with the evolution of consumer habits, there are a few user experience "must-haves" that can't be excluded.

Of course, there are deeper strategies to emphasize (SEO considerations, such as meta descriptions, headers, keyword strategy in descriptions, etc.), but from a high level, where have we found success (specifically for large items, such as paddle boards, kayaks, and utility docks)?

Here's our top 5...

High-Quality Product Pictures

This inclusion doesn't necessarily need to be called out - of course product photos are required for any product pages. But it's very important to not only include high-quality studio photos, but a mixture of product angles, infographics calling out specific features, and product use photos. This is something that will be looked at by ever single prospective customer, so be sure to put your best foot forward. 

Social Proof

A product is perceived as too risky if there's no reviews. It is essential to include a customer review widget on your page. Stack them as quickly as you can. Written reviews are fine, but if you are able to incorporate quick-to-digest testimonial videos or photos, this is even better. Remember that attention spans are short and pages are skimmed. A focus on visual is always better. 

Product Use Video

Incorporating embedded videos of your product in use will always garner engagement. Photos often provide little context, so be sure to incorporate video(s) of your product being utilized in different ways. This is also a great way to overcome common customer objections without forcing them to read the fine print - in our case, this often revolves around how dog-proof our products are. Therefore, we always try to incorporate dogs into our videos when we can. 

Warranty + Guarantees Clearly Called Out

The most common question...  what is the warranty and can I return this? This is something that should always be called out very clearly and not hidden via links or fine print. If a customer can clearly see this, it provides instant credibility and peace of mind.  

Give Customers Ability to Ask Questions

As hard as we try to be comprehensive, prospective customers will still have questions. Make sure you provide ample opportunities for customers to ask direct questions. This can be in the form of a "question widget" (in our case, this is built into the reviews widget), in addition to an online chat form that is always in the bottom corner of the page. We can often provide answers in realtime, improving conversion rates significantly.

Here is a link to one of our higher-converting product pages - the Utility Dock Loaded - with many of these strategies implemented. 

Feel free to comment below with strategies that you have found successful on your product pages!


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