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Brand Power

Brand Power

"I love your brand." 

Those words are earned, by providing excellence over an extended period of time.

Brand storytelling is not just about a logo, color scheme, or slogan, but rather the values and the spirit that the brand embodies in the tough moments. In the moments when things go sideways. 

The best way to build a lovable brand happens when a customer approaches, dissatisfied.

The goal isn't just to resolve complaints. 

It's about showcasing a brand's commitment to excellence, even in the moments of failure and criticism. That sounds fluffy, but being extreme in customer satisfaction pays dividends. 

If you look at our reviews, there are very few to no negative ones. Why? It's not because they haven't been submitted. We've had our black eyes and mistakes over the years -- but every time we do, we make it right.

Doing this, consistently, will echo far beyond any single customer interaction. It’s something that small businesses are uniquely qualified to do.

PS: It’s also judged by the weakest team member's ability (not the strongest).



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Kristin Frye9 days ago

Paddle North I love you!! I purchased my first board from you in 2021. Picking the board you have created changed my life. The customer service you all provide is 100% above and beyond that I have ever experienced with a company. Anytime I have needed something to get me back on the water you have delivered instantaneously. I am stopped often with questions from strangers on the street and friends online who see my board. I tell them they must go get one from Paddle North and why! Thank you for being wonderful!!

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