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Lego Kits & Business Partners

Lego Kits & Business Partners

Lego kits seem like a paradox.

My family and business partner like them -- not me though.

I grew up with buckets of blocks. Lego was an open canvas, a realm of endless possibilities where I could craft anything my mind envisioned.

It was about exploration, about creating something from nothing, only to tear it down again. There were no instructions.

Now, the essence of the Lego block seems to have shifted. It's become about following a set path, a step-by-step guide that leads to a predetermined outcome. Where's the enjoyment in knowing the destination before the journey has even begun?

Yet, over time, I've come to appreciate the necessity of both worlds. My business partner, Matt, thrives on the precision and process these kits offer. He's an engineer, someone who finds beauty in the details, the intricacies of a well-followed plan. On his desk sits a complex Lego model of an off road vehicle, a testament to his patience and precision (he claims to have built it with his 5 year old, but I think it is one of those Age 16+ kits).

Our ability to work together has been a study in contrasts. I bring ideas to the table, often without a clear path to realization. Matt, with his methodical mind, navigates the constraints and crafts these visions into reality.

It's a reminder that innovation isn't just about breaking the mold but understanding when and how to adhere to it. The challenges we face in creation often require a departure from the manual, a leap into the unknown. And it is here, in this space of uncertainty, that our combined strengths truly shine.


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