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Lets Talk About Sunglasses

Lets Talk About Sunglasses

We sold $102,200.27 of them in my last report.

About ~73k of that is profit.

3,475 pairs, spread between 25 variants— all without running a single advertisement on them.

1,856 different people paid an average of ~$29 per pair… I guess quite a few people ordered more than one pair.

They are really good sunglasses. The type you’ll love— but not at a price point that will make you cry if they get lost.

We’re not a fancy name brand.

But we do have a good product, fun packaging and some stickers included in the box.

We’re a far cry from a true sunglasses company, but our customers do spend a lot of time in the sun.

Having a sunglasses solution that exists in our shops produces consistent results (for almost ten years now).

Question: What’s a “sunglasses” type product for your business?


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