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Winning Social Media Content

Winning Social Media Content

What content performs the best?

There is no-one-size fits all strategy. It depends on the brand, product, and audience; not to mention constantly-changing social algorithms and trends. 

At Paddle North, our strategy is always evolving. But when looking at the top-performing (and underwhelming) content we've put out over the past year, there are some key takeaways:

1) Show Your Face: Your audience and customers want to know who is showing up every day and doing the work. As I mentioned in my previous article about email personalization, you should embrace being a small business and give customers insight into who you are and what happens behind the scenes.

2) The Absurd Engages: Not to be confused with comedy, as that can be alienating. Instead, identify scenarios that involve your products and people that are outside the norm - place a sauna on an inflatable dock? Build a giant slide into a very cold Lake Superior? Throw a paddle board off a roof? Sure. These videos have allowed us to showcase product performance while having some fun with it. 

3) Dogs: No additional explanation required. 

4) Share Your Milestones: As a small business, your audience wants you to succeed. Be sure to celebrate the wins with them. 

5) Not Everything has to be 24 FPS: Keep it authentic. Yes, there is absolutely a place for top-tier, cinematic content - it can elevate your brand. But don't fret if you don't have access to top-of-the-line equipment. Often times, the more produced our content has been, the less engagement there is. 


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