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DTC Essential Tools

DTC Essential Tools
When building and growing a direct-to-consumer brand, there is an infinite number of tools at your disposal. In addition to all of the options, sales reps from every dtc tech company will make daily claims that their product is the solution your business needs to achieve explosive growth. Add in the introduction of AI-based platforms, and it is suddenly very overwhelming.

Every company is different. The tools that are best for you and your business will vary. Technology also evolves rapidly - what we currently use looks a little different than 3 years ago. I expect that trend to continue. While not all-encompassing, here is a quick overview of a few essential tools we use for different aspects of the business:


This is at the epicenter of what we do - this is our merchant, website, CRM, reporting tool, and more. Shopify has consistently proven to have some of the most robust integrations with a variety of tools and platforms, solid support, with a model focused on improving user experience and conversion rates. It also offers additional, included tools to help with other facets of the business - live chat (customer support), shopify audiences (targeting and prospecting), bundles (AOV increase), and more. 


This would be the second most important tool we utilize. This is our primary CDP and ecom email marketing platform. It's where we manage email marketing campaigns, email automated flows, customer retention, lead generation (email capture forms), and more. 


This is our go-to SMS marketing platform. With open and CTR rates that outpace email (albeit with a smaller user segment), SMS marketing should be a part of your efforts. It's consistently been a very high-performing channel, with continued growth opportunity. 


This ecommerce personalization engine helps with upsells at multiple stages in the funnel: pre-purchase (product display page widget and checkout pages with product add-on opportunities) and post-purchase. This has been a game-changer for increasing AOV and revenue. It also incorporates a powerful AI engine that makes automatic adjustments based on consumer behavior. 


An AI-powered photo editing platform, this has been a recent additional to our technology arsenal. Never before has product photo editing been easier and more convenient. Quick turnaround, easy, and can be done without large investment in photography software or equipment

What are your go-to tools? Comment below!


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