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Paddle Board Lake Superior

SUP on Lake Superior, Duluth MN

The Greatest Lake.

Lake Superior is massive. The Lake holds as much water as all of the other Great Lakes (Michigan,  Huron, Ontario, Erie) combined plus three more Lake Eries. Wow!

We paddled just a snippet of superior, but it definitely showed us it's versatility and beauty. We actually had two trips up to Superior and this write up is a mashup of the two trips, covering four areas: Park Point, Glensheen Mansion, Apostle Islands, and Splitrock Lighthouse.

Paddle Board Park Point & Split Rock Lighthouse

We brought the talented crew from White & Rice to help shoot media at Park Point and Splitrock.

White and Rice Paddle North Shoot

We got some really interesting angles, including under water shots.

Underwater shot of Paddle Boards

We even beat the sun up to the water and watched it's rise over the water.

Park Point Sunrise and Paddle Boards

Park Point had a great sandy beach and really cool atmosphere to paddle on. We moved North to Splitrock Lighthouse and put in just south of the iconic landmark.

Paddle boarding by Splitrock Lighthouse

We capped off the trip of Park Point and Splitrock by making this video:

Paddle Board at the Apostle Islands

If you want adventure, paddling the apostle islands brings it. We crossed the MN-WI border and crossed into cheese country. It was about an hour drive from Park Point -- well worth it! The sea caves were did not disappoint. You can actually paddle through caves!!

Paddle board the apostle islands

Apostle Islands - Paddle Boarding

SUP on Superior Apostle Islands

Paddle boarding the apostle islands

Paddling the sea caves took about 5 hours total. Definitely pay attention to the weather, as you don't want to be out far if waves pick up.

Paddle Board at the Glensheen Mansion

To cap off our mini-tour of Superior, we met up with our friends at the Glensheen Mansion. The beauty of this property is off the charts. We started out by doing the tour, it was fascinating! Then they paired up with us to paddle along the properties creek that bleeds into Superior. The fall leaves were amazing. With Matt piloting the drone, we shot this quick video.

Overall, Superior is definitely one of the most fun, versatile, beautiful places to stand up paddle board. Message below if you've paddled Lake Superior!


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Angela - May 22, 2017

Which paddleboards did you use in Superior? (Length)

thank you!

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