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SUP on Silver Lake, MN

Yoga on a Paddle North Loon at Silver Lake

Lake facts: Lake size 65 acres, Maximum Depth ~35’, Water Clarity .4 ft.

Weather: 70 degrees and sunny

Our first trip of the season was nothing short of perfect. Perfect weather, execution, and scenery. We (@theecotravelers) put in on the north side of the lake, at Silver Lake Beach Park — a beach that we frequent over the summer, has ample parking, and usually is pretty quiet. The only downside of boarding in April is the cold water but we were up quick and barely noticed.

paddle silver lake mn

With a fresh coat of sunscreen and cold ankles, we set off across Silver Lake. The first few strokes through the water were magic. We stayed close to the west shore of Silver Lake, away from the people fishing off the dock. As we made our way around the island (don’t miss it) we saw turtles sun bathing, a goose sitting on its nest, and a family exploring the woods. Although we didn’t walk around the island, it would make a great spot for a picnic. Watch out for the sign on the island. Who would have thought there would be a one-way on a lake?

sup silver lake mn


We want to spend the summer practicing yoga on our boards, so we have decided to focus on one pose at each lake we visit. Today’s posture is Warrior 2. This is a tough posture on the board because it requires so much balance. But take your time, move slowly, and concentrate. When you get in position, take your gaze out in front of your fingertips, focus on something in front of you, and take a few deep breaths. I will admit, my form isn’t the best this time, but I have all summer to perfect my Warrior 2.

-Jenna & Travis



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