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SUP on Hamlin Lake, MI

Hamlin Lake SUP

Hamlin Lake, Ludington State Park, MI

  • Size: 5,350 acres
  • Max. Depth: 80 Feet
  • Water Clarity: Somewhat murky from algae and shallow waters


Hamlin Lake Paddle Boarding

Hamlin Lake is a natural lake that is enlarged by Hamlin Dam. Hamlin Lake has two major basins. The lower basin is the larger and deeper of the two with depths of around 80 feet. The upper basin is shallower only reaching about 34 feet in depth. We encountered heavy lake traffic, but due to the size of Hamlin Lake, it didn’t feel very crowded. Anything from pontoon boats to motorboats to paddle boats occupy this area. Bass fishing is very popular on Hamlin Lake.

Despite paddling at the end of May (which would typically mean cold water temperatures in Michigan), the water was not too cold! Along our paddle, we saw deer wading in some swampy areas. We stopped along a sandy beach to practice some yoga moves on the paddleboards and try our hand at fishing. The warmer waters led to more daring yoga moves on the paddle boards!

Yoga on a Paddle North Loon


We camped at Ludington State Park, which is right along the shores of Hamlin Lake. Overall, a beautiful part of the country and a fantastic day for a paddle!  

This review is brought to you by Ben and Mande (@FernTheBus), Brand Ambassadors for Paddle North. 

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