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SUP on Pineview Reservoir, Ogden, Utah

Paddle North Loon on Pineview Reservoiir

Pineview Reservoir in Ogden, Utah

  • Size: >200 acres  
  • Max. Depth: 82 feet
  • Water Clarity: Somewhat murky from spring runoff

Pineview Reservoir is located at 4,900 feet of elevation, just 15 miles from Ogden, Utah. It’s located at the top of the Ogden Canyon along the Wasatch Mountains. We lived in Ogden for 3 years as Mande taught 6th grade and Ben worked as a substitute teacher and for Weber State University landscaping. Coming back for our friend’s wedding has meant retracing our steps to some of our favorite places, including Pineview Reservoir.

As you can imagine, the heat in Utah this time of year is intense. 95 degrees and sunny can make for a hot day, but the water was a refreshing, nice way to escape the heat. Due to high waters, many beaches were closed off to those without a paddleboard or kayak. We paddled just far enough off the shore to have a little privacy and then played for quite a while, frequently jumping in to cool off.

Mountain ridge in Utah

In the heat of the sun, we didn’t feel it was safe (despite multiple coats of SPF) to be out too long, so after splashing and jumping off the boards, we called it a day, packed up our gear and hit the road. Parking was easy enough despite Fourth of July traffic and full parking lots. We managed to park the bus along the street without issue. If we had more time in Ogden, we would explore Causey Reservoir, which offers more cliff jumping and a little more shade.    

This review is brought to you by Ben and Mande (@FernTheBus), Brand Ambassadors for Paddle North. 

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