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SUP on Lake Dexter and Yellow River, WI

SUP on the Yellow River
  • Lake Size: 287 acres
  • Max Depth: 17 ft. 
  • Water Clarity: Low

SUP on Lake Dexter

Lake Dexter is a pretty small lake that flows into the Yellow River just outside of Pittsville in Wood County, Wisconsin. I grew up just east of there in Wisconsin Rapids, so Dexter County Park was the perfect place to camp for the weekend when coming home to visit.

They have a boat launch for campers that we used to launch our boards and kayaks, it was very close to our campsite so we just carried them over. We started paddling on the lake which was more open and breezy. We stayed as far away from the dam as possible, paddling the opposite direction up the Yellow River. This was more calm and relaxing than the lake itself. The lake is pretty shallow but you wouldn’t be able to tell as the water clarity is low, so low it’s green in most parts. I wouldn’t recommend going for a swimming here, however there were lots of fisherman.

Paddle North - Yellow River

The lake had some pretty lily pads with flowers but it was mostly weedy. The undeveloped land around the lake was abundant with wild life; birds, Sandhill cranes, muskrats and deer. We had beautiful weather so that and the sound of birds made for a relaxing paddle.

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Debbie Holmstrom

Wondering if you can paddle from Pittsville to Lake Dexter? Can you put in at Pittsville community park?

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