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Play - Body Only
Play - Body Only

Play - Body Only


Don't need the full kit? Buy just the Play.

Play is designed to be fun, durable, and versatile, making it perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality paddle board. Moreover, if you live in Minnesota, the board's dimensions being under 10' mean that you don't have to spend extra time and money registering it. 

Quick Facts:

  • Inflated board dimensions: 9'11'' x 33'' x 6'' & weighs 18 lbs.
  • Deflated board dimensions: 33'' x 10'' in diameter roll.
  • Inflation time: ~3-4 minutes; deflation time: ~2 minutes.
  • Board weight capacity: Supports any size paddler and gear up to 250 lbs. Above 250 pounds, the board's balance becomes more challenging.


Extreme rigidity and buoyancy - made from the highest grade, 1.2mm drop-stitch PVC in a 6" thickness. The 6'' thickness avoids any bend on the water. Rails and nose are reinforced with GLIDERAIL PVC, providing extra strength to the areas that get banged around the most.

No over inflation - a built in pressure regulator monitors pressure, so over inflating beyond capacity is a thing of the past. This is especially important in warm weather environments where intense heat and sunlight can increase pressure quickly when pulled out of the water.

Universal valve - Halkey-Roberts valves allow any type of air compressor or electric pump to be used. They also self-seal, so there's no race to close it (losing valuable air pressure).

Strengthen up to 18 psi - all seams are built to withstand up to 18 psi with our unique 3-layer seam lamination system. It feels like a rigid board on the water.

Crossover Hybrid - Sit or Stand, you choose. Buy the Kayak Accessory Kit to convert the Play into a kayak formation. Compatible D-rings for Kayak Accessory Kit attachment standard.

Universal Mounts - x2 screw in mounts that work to attach cup holders, fishing rods, camera mounts and more.

Kickstand - Feeling gutsy? Drop a foot back onto the kickstand to do 90-degree on the spot turns.

Tri-Fin Setup - Tracking and performance are at the core of Paddle North's fleet. The Play being the shortest board in the fleet, needed some extra love in the fin department to make up for its smaller size. Three huge fins, clip in using standardized universal fin boxes. Paddle with 1 or all 3.


  • (x1) Play Paddle Board 
  • (x1) Tri-fin Set: 10" Lake Fin + x2 Lake Fins

*All Terrain Bag, Paddle, and Pump not included