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Esko OZZM eBike
Esko OZZM eBike
Esko OZZM eBike
Esko OZZM eBike
Esko OZZM eBike
Esko OZZM eBike
Esko OZZM eBike

Esko OZZM eBike


The Esko - OZZM’s full-size, foldable e-bike. Cruise around your neighborhood, travel down some trails, or store it in the back seat on your next road trip. Equipped with a lightweight, Bafang 250w motor, it's the perfect blend of pedal assistance and exercise. Conquer steep hills while keeping your legs engaged, or simply enjoy the ride without breaking a sweat – the choice is yours.


The 250w hub motor is located in the rear hub of the bike. Hub motors have extremely smooth acceleration and operate independently of the chain, meaning you can still get home in the case of a broken chain. 

Customize your riding experience with different levels of pedal assist ranging 1-5. The motor will assist you up to a certain speed and keep you there as long as you continue pedaling. Pedal assist max speed is 20 mph.

The throttle gives you instant power at your fingertips. Use it to accelerate from a standstill, give you a boost up to max speed, or get you home after a long ride. Throttle max speed is 20 mph.

Having a foldable, full-size e-bike is a game changer. Effortlessly fold and stow for easy transport and storage without sacrificing performance.

The range will depend on factors like weight, terrain, and level of motor use. In lower levels of pedal assist, the Esko can achieve a 50 mile range. In higher levels of assist or with significant throttle use, the range will be closer to 30 miles. Upgrade the battery for a 10 mile increase in range.

Frame: Foldable, Aluminum Alloy 6061

Motor: 250w Bafang Hub-Drive

Battery: LG 36V10AH or LG 36V14AH

Tires: 27.5" x 2.1" Hybrid Tires

Front Fork: Coil Suspension

Brakes: Mechanical

Display: LCD Display

Light: Head and Tail Light

Seat: Wide Comfort Saddle

Throttle: Thumb Throttle

Charging: Time: 3-5 hours

Max Speed: 20 MPH

Carry Weight: 57 lbs

(1) Rear Cargo Rack
(1) Metal Fenders
(1) 36V 10AH Battery
(1) 36V2A Charger
(1) Multi-Tool

2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty: Included with your purchase is a guarantee for this product against any defect in materials and workmanship for 2 years.