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Vol. 1: Jan & Feb, 2022

Vol. 1: Jan & Feb, 2022

People have asked, "What does a Minnesota paddle board company do during the winter?"

We stay busy! Here's some highlights...

  1. We attend a lot of Boat Shows (shoutout to Minneapolis, Grand Rapids, Duluth, and Detroit Novi Boat Shows - thanks to all of the people that have shown up to help us smash records).

  2. Luke started publishing content on Tiktok... Yep.

  3. We started an internal competition to see who could set the company record for inflation time of the Portager (up to 10psi). You can watch our first three participants here.

  4. We've already started planning for 2023 product launches and are PUMPED for what's to come. Stay tuned.

  5. Don't worry. We have a few new product launches ready for this spring. We've been preparing marketing, media, logistics, and all sorts of small details to ensure successful launches.

  6. Our retail stores are still open and truth be told, we've had some hard times staffing throughout the winter. If you're in the Twin Cities and want to discuss retail employment, send an email to

  7. We prototype all sorts of new product designs, and complete repairs and fiberglass work on the fleet at our Minneapolis HQ.

  8. We're building and preparing inventory for what is turning out to be one of the biggest demand years for water sports. Act early, as we expect shortages again. 

But we still find time to have fun. A lot of our team even took vacations. Lindsey went to Jamaica, Cory to Cancun, Dan honeymooned in Costa Rica, Peru surfed in Costa Rica, Andy went ice fishing, and Luke trekked to Florida.


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