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Pete's Book List

Pete's Book List

If you're looking to level up this summer, this is your power reading list.

Here are the top ten books (in no particular order) that I regularly revisit for inspiration and business lessons.

From the creativity of Seth Godin to the drive of Goggins, Jocko, and Cameron Hanes. Combine that with the unique perspectives of Donald Miller, Jim Collins, and Noah Kagan, and you'll be setup for success.

1. All Marketers are Liars Seth Godin

2. The Dip Seth Godin

3. Linchpin (Ok, I'm overly hyped on Seth Godin)

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki

5. Building A Story Brand Donald Miller

6. Can't Hurt Me David Goggins

7. Good to Great Jim Collins

8. Million Dollar Weekend Noah Kagan

9. Crushing It! Gary V

10. Extreme Ownership Jocko Willink

11. Endure Cameron Hanes

Can you vouch for one of these? Or do you have a good one to add to the list? Comment below!


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