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SUP on Silk Lake, MI

Paddle North on Silk Lake

Both Silk and Paint Lake are located in Iron County, Michigan. They’re basically in the middle of nowhere cabin country in the U.P, AKA the perfect paddle spot.

My boyfriend and his family have a cabin right on Silk Lake and we spent Memorial Weekend up there. It was great to have a place to launch my board as Silk lake is pretty private and the only access is through a small channel from Paint or Harding lake unless you have a cabin on the lake. The weather cooperated quite well, the sun was shining and blue skies most of the weekend. Sunsets here are “no filter needed” to say the least, absolutely breathtaking.

Silk Lake Sunset

My voyage started on Silk Lake, it’s a very calm relaxing lake. The paddling was very smooth and the water was pretty clear. I was able to paddle around the small lake in a matter of a half hour. The abundance of wildlife was an unexpected treat, turtle and loons were all over the lake and the sound of birds chirping was constant!

silk lake turtle while on the water

After I made my way around the lake I paddled through the channel that leads into Paint Lake, a much larger, more public lake then Silk. Here I met up with my boyfriend and a couple of his family members who had been fishing.

Paint Lake is a great fishing spot for a variety of fish including largemouth bass, Muskie, northern pike and panfish. Colton ended up catching a 26.5” Northern!

This lake was a little more difficult to paddle being there were more boats the water got a little choppy. As I made my way back to camp I saw two beautiful majestic swans enjoying a swim.

Paddle North Ambassador Ruthie J






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