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SUP on Fish Lake, Maple Grove MN

Fish Lake - 237 Acres, 48' Max Depth, ~5' Clarity

Stand up Paddle Board on Fish Lake, Maple Grove Minnesota

The facts:

237 Acres, Maximum Depth 48’, Water Clarity ~5 ft.

Getting in the water: 

We launched from the boat landing on the south side of the lake from Fish Lake Regional Park. I was able to unload the boards, park and get on the water in under 5 minutes. The south side of the lake has a beautiful, quiet park that has a lot of natural character. Very few weeds, nice sandy beach floor in an atmosphere that really makes you feel like you’re up north.

Odium pad setup with a couple Paddle North paddle boards.

The Paddle: My friend Charlie joined me on this paddle, the two of us used two Loon XL’s to hit the lake at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning. We were practically the only ones on the lake (only saw one other person -- a kayak that was doing a little fishing near a loon nest). Fish Lake has a lot to see, we easily could have spent half the day on the water, but we both had to be home before our kids woke up -- so we kept the paddle to an hour. Charlie came prepared with a dry bag (for phone, keys, etc) and a mug of coffee - obviously well prepared for the paddle.

It wasn't a rigorous route and the wind was pretty calm, but by the end of the paddle, I did feel pretty tight in my core and my paddle muscles (arms, back, abs) were getting fatigued.

Have you paddled Fish Lake? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

Stand with us:

At Paddle North, we offer free demos of our boards -- on any lake in the Twin Cities! If you want to try out a paddle board board on Fish Lake, or a lake near you, give me a call 612-978-5992 or email me at




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