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Employee Top Gift Picks

Christmas is almost here. Here's a list of the Paddle North team's top gifts for the 2022 Holiday Season. 

1. The Paddle North Candles, especially the new Cinnamon Vanilla scent! This is one of my favorite gifts for my friends and family. The crackling wood wick and amazing scent makes for a cozy night. We all love them.

2. The Loon Tumblers: I've gifted this to all of my friends. They're perfect for a day on the water, picnics, or at home. They're really cute and keep drinks hot and cold for hours. 

3. Paddle North Hats: All of these are awesome gifts! If you're looking for a classy, sleek hat... the Everyday Hat is a great choice.

1. The Floating Sound System: (currently out of stock, check back soon)This is one of my favorite gifts in the Paddle North catalog, because good speakers are hard to come by at a reasonable price. Not only is it affordable, the speaker is fully waterproof, operates via bluetooth, and sounds great! Whether it’s on a boat, in a garage, or blasting tunes in the shower, this speaker is my favorite.

My other favorite is the Northern Craftsman Work Apron. What I love about this waxed canvas apron is that it is really versatile. If you know a woodworker, bartender, grill master, artist, or hair stylist (and the list goes on!) that likes protecting their clothes and looking great in the process, the Work Apron is a great gift. It’s put together really well, so the durability matches the look.

1. Hammock: This portable camping hammock is one of my favorite accessories. It's affordable, portable, and easy to set up. It also includes the straps. It's my go-to gift, because who doesn't enjoy relaxing outside?

2. The Portager: This is my favorite board and most used piece of summer equipment (alongside my bike). The Portager is versatile and perfect for just about anyone who enjoys being on the water; great for beginners or experts. 

3. Jeep Crew: This is my current favorite shirt. It's comfortable with a fun design. It also seems to draw a lot of compliments, which is an added bonus. 

1. SUP & Kayak Anchor: A physical representation of the qualities of a great friend or family member, the SUP and Kayak Anchor is a great gift to remind your loved ones that, without them, you would be lost at sea and adrift in choppy waters.

2. Northern Craftsman Work ApronFor the self proclaimed “builders” in your life. The ones that always reminded you to “measure twice, cut once," but never took their own advice. The ones that will never know how many times you’ve “accidentally” hit their homemade birdhouse with the lawnmower in hopes of actually attracting a bird to the yard. A great gift for the “tryer” in your life.

3. Inflatable Life Jacket: I come from a long line of bad swimmers. My family, the Stangohrs, is cursed with dense builds and will quickly sink to the bottom of the Dead Sea, bewildering the scientific community. These are essential gifts for my family’s well-being, but PLEASE use a life jacket while paddle boarding whether you’re a strong swimmer or a Stangohr.

1. The Paddle North Candles: Cinnamon Vanilla reminds me of cookies baking, and North Shore is my go-to for cozy bath time ambiance.

2. Paddle Bombers: Sometimes you want the warmth of a jacket with the comfort of a zip-up sweatshirt. This is the best of both worlds!

3. Gift Cards: Gift cards have so much flexibility and are 15% off right now!

1. Superior Pants: Can't say enough about how awesome they are for paddling in chilly temps.

2. Lake SurferSurfing a wake behind a boat is the most fun thing to do on water.

3. Wool Watch Cap:  This is my daily winter hat.

1. Northern Craftsman Work Apron: This is a truly versatile work apron. I use it for household projects, grilling, and building out Paddle North stores.

2. The Paddle North Candles Handmade in MN and great scents to set the mood. Nothing better on a dark winter day than these candles burning.

3. The Portager: It's our most versatile product in my mind. Get one now and take it somewhere warm. Summer will also come sooner than you think

1. 10L Dry Bag: (currently out of stock, check back soon) The perfect paddle companion, keeping all your valuables dry and secure while you’re on the water. The convenient carry strap makes transport easy as you hike to the lake.

2. Sunglasses Retainer: Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Keep your sunnies safe, secure and not at the bottom of the lake. Choose from four awesome colors.

3. Jeep Crew: The perfect base layer for fall/winter and my go-to when temps drop in the spring/summer. Also, its a perfect way to show off the Jeep that we all wish we had!

1. Hammock: Same level of quality as the big brands out there but half the price AND comes with the straps!

2. Water Bottle: (currently out of stock, check back soon) Just for the box!

3. Floating Sound System: (currently out of stock, check back soon) It's a great stocking stuffer that is compact and sounds great.

1. Paddle North Koozies: These are the perfect stocking stuffer. They’re made from 3mm thick wetsuit material and fit both regular and slim cans!

2.  Everyday Hat: Everyone needs a go-to hat, and you can’t go wrong with a classic black Snapback.