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Stand with us

Stand with us.

We believe experience driven curiosity and creativity can be enormously valuable. Collaboration, when each party allows the other to fully utilize their core competencies, can create powerful outcomes.

Paddle North is simply one of those outcomes. The idea was founded in 2014 and quickly evolved. A community joined together in the pursuit of adventure; that of which is only found through laughter, travel, and the discovery of new things.

Paddle North's flagship paddle board, the Loon, is made to inspire exploration. We stripped out the bright neon colors, surf themes, and flamboyant visuals that coastal brands represent. And created something much simpler, from bamboo.

Bamboo has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any natural fiber, which makes it the best material for rigid board construction. We expanded into new ares. Brought in new materials and started crafting a line of compact inflatable boards from military-grade drop stitch PVC.

Our designs have four pillars for fresh water performance: balance, tracking, carry weight and durability. The result is a fleet of boards that are 25% to 50% lighter weight then competitors, while maintaining the rugged durability that exploration demands.

Our commitment will always be to create quality products for those who explore. We'll stand behind our customers and our products 100% of the time, and would be honored to outfit you with your paddle board.  

-Peter & Matt