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Focus On Your Business

Focus On Your Business

A new idea is a business owner’s enemy.

It walks around in your brain, voraciously consuming your time and attention. IYKYK.

Meanwhile, your currently successful idea quietly awaits your return. 

I get it, thinking about new ideas is fun.

It actually creates a natural high, dreaming about the possibilities and the sort of future that could exist.

I’ve struggled with this my whole life. Too many good ideas die once the excitement runs out, all for the pursuit of the next next new idea. 

To build a lasting business, we need to be able to push past the newness stage.

When you feel yourself getting tugged towards a new idea or getting bored in your business:

1. Set larger, longer-term objectives that excite you, and write down the steps required to accomplish them.

2. Double down on efficiency, processes, and people. Add more interesting metrics to measure their effectiveness.

3. Learn new things to elevate yourself as a leader. Read and network with others in similar stages of growth. Remember: It’s normal to have seasons that feel boring. Building something that lasts takes a lot of time.  


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