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Improve Email Open Rates

Improve Email Open Rates
Our email inboxes are inundated more than ever.

We sign up for newsletters to hear from brands we like, claim discounts, wait for promos, or new product drops. Sometimes we don't even know how or why we started receiving emails from a particular brand.

How do you stand out from the noise and claim that sacred email open? And once opened, how do you get the click?

1) Test Your Subject Lines: What are attributes that have worked for us? Short, concise, sense of urgency, and mystery. Don't spoil the plot in the subject line. With that being said, every audience is different, so be sure to test and track. Many email platforms allow for subject line A/B testing. Take advantage of this.  

2) Segment and Personalize: Tailor the message to your audience. Incorporate first names when you can, promote new accessory product launches to relevant segments based on purchase history and geography (recipients in CA are probably not too worried about MN storefront hour updates), don't promote a product to someone that just purchased the same product, etc. 

3) Use Emojis: Emojis are a great way to have your subject line stand out from the pack. But remember, that too many emojis (or an over-reliance) can also scream "marketing" and turn many users away. 

4) Have a Clear Goal and Structure Accordingly: Not all emails have the same purpose. Are you looking to drive a click, or just looking for opens and impressions (such as a newsletter)? If the click is the goal, don't share too many details within the body of the email. Keep it vague and enticingThe only way for recipients to really know is to click.

5) Keep an eye on deliverability: Most email marketing platforms will have dashboards that allow you to keep an eye on your deliverability. This is essential to avoid landing in spam boxes. Keep your bounce rates and spam complaint rates low. Work to keep your open and click through rates high. This will ensure sustainability in your efforts. Your hard work does not pay off when email providers think you're spam. 

6) Plain Text Works: It may not seem too visually appealing, but plain text emails work. There's a humanity and directness to this approach that a typical marketing email cannot achieve. Have a note from the founder, ask your customers questions, and build a lasting brand relationship.

There are different approaches for varying businesses, brands, and product categories. What has worked in your email strategy? Feel free to share in the comments below. 


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