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SUP on White Potato Lake, WI

SUP on White Potato Lake, WI
  • Lake Size: 1023 acres
  • Max Depth: 11 feet
  • Water Clarity: Low

Finally! Warm weather! I'm a bit exhausted from chores earlier in the day but eager to paddle. I meet Danelle at the end of her driveway on my way. She has her kayak strapped to the top of her Jeep Wrangler, and I have my Paddle North Loon paddleboard on the top of mine. We turn down a twisty dirt road that leads us to the put-in and launch onto breezy White Potato Lake.

The lake seems bigger today, the homes lining the lake look like tiny cottages. Paddling against the wind is work, but I feel steady on the Loon and the board tracks true. Puffy white clouds slide by and I snap some pics of eagles soaring overhead. Turning to paddle with the wind, I pick up some speed and the board gently slap-slap-slaps on the waves with my momentum.

Paddle North - White Potato Lake, WI

With the number of strokes I'm able to get on a side, I find I can concentrate on my paddling form. I'm less tentative and can really reach out and let my torso bring me through the stroke. I definitely have to work on my right side paddling though. I find the same holds true in my white water canoe. I'm just more comfortable steering and stroking on the left. I guess I have all summer to work on that.

We don’t spend as much time out as I’d like, but paddling with a good friend, floating, chatting, laughing, and watching the eagles soar overhead makes it worthwhile. Now back home for more chores.

This lake review is brought to you by Cindy Pope, Brand Ambassador for Paddle North. 

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