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SUP on Perch Lake

SUP on Perch Lake


  • Lake Size: 45 acres
  • Maximum Depth: 63 ft. 
  • Water Clarity: Very clear

Sitting in Willow River State Park is Perch Lake. A peaceful tranquility away from civilization, besides a few cabins that rest along the lake shore. Generally less crowded, Perch Lake gives off a great vibe for a relaxing day on the water. Dense forest and hiking trails surround this gem, making a day paddling a true outdoor experience. The water is clean and usually a deep blue color with a hint of green on extra sunny days. 

This specific day paddling was incredibly foggy, making for an interesting paddle. My dog Maci sat at the front of the board, and though there were two other people out on the lake, most times it seemed as though it was just her and I due to the amount of fog blinding our distance. I brought out the Loon 10’6” hardboard, which moved effortlessly through Perch’s still waters. On this particular lake everything feels very calm. Motorized boats are not allowed on the lake, so pollution is incredibly light, and the lake is fairly quiet. Perch Lake itself is not entirely big, making exploring easy and accessible. 

For those looking for a full adventurous day, Perch lake may not be the best option unless you are wanting to explore the beaches and hiking trails the park also has to offer. For those who are wanting to relax and enjoy a few hours or more, this lake is ideal. Conditions are usually great. It’s not a windy area, since the trees block off the permitters, yet the sun still shines plenty. Loons are often seen here as well. Parking may be difficult to find, but is located to the right of the lake right before you enter the water's edge and is free of charge. There is additional parking up the road in the state park, but for this a state park pass is required. The free lot is gravel, so be sure to bring a towel to wipe rocks off your board if bringing a blow up. Perch Lake is also dog-friendly, and pets are often spotted paddling with their owners. 



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