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SUP on Peltier Lake, Anoka County

Peltier Lake - 579 Acres, 18' Max Depth, Low Clarity

The facts:

579 Acres, Maximum Depth 18’, Water Clarity Low.

Getting on the water:

This was my first paddle on Peltier. It was a beautiful Saturday, so my wife Bridget and I found a sitter for our almost 2-year old and decided to venture off to a new lake. Peltier lake in  is part of the chain of Lakes and we definitely did not get to explore all of it.

Lake Peltier Map

We launched from the public access located in the south western part of the lake. It was nice and sandy, a solid dock to use. Being a sunny Saturday in June, there was probably more traffic then normal. The public access point was pretty congested and it doesn't have much room if a boat is being loaded.

Lake Peltier Public Access

On the water:

Any day on the water is a good day, but the wind definitely made it a challenge. The paddle out was a breeze (pun intended), as we had the wind at our backs. We picked up a pretty good pace and made it a good distance around the lake. The paddle back was a bit more challenging, which provided an excellent workout as we had to "fight" the waves.

Bridget took to her knees for a bit, and then we hugged the shore pretty close to claim the calm waters. Overall, we spent about 1.5 hours on the water and really enjoyed it!

Peltier Lake Paddle Boarding

Stand with us:

At Paddle North, we offer free demos of our boards -- on any lake in the Twin Cities! If you want to try out a paddle board on Peltier Lake, or a lake near you, give me a call 612-978-5992 or email at



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