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SUP on Lake Owasso, MN

SUP on Lake Owasso, MN
  • Lake Size: 375 Acres
  • Max Depth: 37 ft. 
  • Clarity: 5 ft. 

Getting to the lake:

The best place to put in on Lake Owasso is Owasso County Park on the northeast corner of the lake. There is plenty of parking right along the shore.

SUP Lake Owasso

The Paddle:

As this was my first paddle, this review will largely be a guide of what not to do. I went around midday on a hot, sunny, and unfortunately, windy day (mistake #1). I misjudged the strength of the the midday sun when you are surrounded by water, which led to a nice burn since I didn’t bring sunscreen out with me (mistake #2). Once I put my board in, I set off in the direction that looked the most interesting (mistake #3). Piece of advice: always take into account the direction of the wind when you are planning which direction to make your way around the lake. I chose the wrong direction which meant a really good core and tricep workout. As far as the lake itself goes, the southern end makes for an easier paddle since it is more protected from the wind and is where you will most likely find more wildlife.


This lake review is brought to you by Chris (@minnewake), a Brand Ambassador for Paddle North. 

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