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SUP on Johanna Lake, MN

SUP on Johanna Lake, MN
  • Lake size: 198 acres
  • Maximum Depth: ~40’
  • Clarity: 5'-10'

The Eco Travelers at Johanna Lake

We (@theecotravelers) decided to stay close to home today and put in on Lake Johanna at Arden Hills Beach Park, which has a parking lot, playground, and beach. The water was a lot warmer than our last paddle, so were were much more excited about this paddle. As we pushed off the shore, I began to hear the familiar splash of the water on the bottom of the board. Lake Johanna is a nice size lake without much motorized boat traffic. There was quite a bit of weeds and algae, but the water was pretty clear.

We hugged the shore to the right of the beach and were able to see several fish swimming through the weeds. Some were over a foot long. We talked about our plans for the next week and throughout the summer as we made our way to the other side of the lake. Not wanting to get too tired, we made our way back to the beach across the middle of Johanna. It wasn’t very windy, but had it been, our route would not have been a good one. 

As we paddled our way across the lake, we took advantage of the calm water to do some yoga. Travis took on the yoga pose for today and pulled off a perfect upward facing dog. As we add on to our paddle boarding yoga practice, we are working hard on our balance. It’s a lot easier to hold postures when your weight is spread out over the board. Don’t feel the need to jump right into a warrior posture. Take your time, or you’ll end up soaked!

Paddle Board Yoga at Johanna Lake

Don’t forget to always wash your board off when you get home! :)


This lake review is brought to you by Jenna and Travis (@theecotravelers), Brand Ambassadors for Paddle North. 

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