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SUP on Medicine Lake, Plymouth MN

Medicine Lake - 886 Acres, 49' Max Depth, ~8' Clariity

The paddler: 

The facts:

886 Acres, Maximum Depth 49’, Water Clarity ~8 ft.

Getting on the water:  

This was a spur of the moment trip, but Medicine Lake had been on my mind for weeks. Towards the end of June, I had the pleasure of doing a demo at Medicine for two PN customers -- but never got to paddle the lake myself! That had to change.

SUP Medicine Lake

I launched from the West Medicine Lake Park, right off highway 55. It's a great park with perfect access for SUP'ers to get in the water fast. The parking lot is 20-30 yards from the boat landing and the landing was covered with really nice sand (very few weeds). The weather was ideal, bright shining sun and blue sky.

On the water:

Paddle North Loon XL

I didn't have a lot of time to make it across all 886 acres, but I conquered all but the very southern bay. It took right about 1.5 hours, paddling very casually. The paddle felt really smooth as there was very few people on the water (probably due to it being a Tuesday afternoon over lunch).

The wind shifted quite a few times, but wasn't significant enough to impact the paddle. The weeds thickened a bit in the north western bay, even saw a few scuba divers decked out in full gear pulling up weeds around docks. Getting ready for summer.

To wrap up the workout, I paused on the south end of the beach to do a little stretching, planks and push ups.

Paddle Board - Medicine Lake

Stand with us:

At Paddle North, we offer free demos of our boards -- on any lake in the Twin Cities! If you want to try out a paddle board on Medicine Lake, or a lake near you, give me a call 612-978-5992 or email at



Peter Mogck - Paddle North - Medicine Lake


Kelly Cwik


Would it be possible for my friend and I to rent paddle boards on Medicine Lake this Tuesday?


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