Paddle Board Repair Minnesota

paddle board repair

Welcome to the hatchery, where broken paddle boards become beautiful again. No matter the brand or board type, we can fix it and get you back on the water. 


  • Fiberglass repair, resealing the integrity of the boards structure.
  • Repainting & buffing out scratches and dings.
  • Drying out water logged boards and re-establishing a sealed core.
  • Delaminated fiberglass, stripped and resealed.
  • Replace broken fins and fin boxes.
  • Bungee cord replacement & repair.


We charge $95 for one 12'' area of impact, $50 for each additional area. Major repairs and complex paint jobs are quoted per project. For repaint projects, we can not guarantee exact paint color match. Each project can be quoted by sending a photo of the damaged board to