Loon XL 11'6''


The 11'6'' Loon is by far one of our best sellers. A full 12-inches longer then it's smaller, 10'6'' Loon brother, it holds an additional 50 lbs of paddler weight ( up to 250 lbs! ). 

Known in the market as a true "hybrid", the Loon is a great board for families, cabins, SUP-Yoga, lake and river cruising. 

Increase Strokes Per Side (SPS):

Tracking straight and increasing strokes per side (SPS) is a key performance factor for anyone paddling Lakes and Rivers. Where most boards average 1-4 SPS, the Loon can achieve 15-25 SPS. This allows paddlers to build up more speed and achieve a much more ryhthmic paddling experience.

The Bamboo Advantage:

Bamboo has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any natural fiber. This allows for an extremely durable, yet lightweight board construction. Paddle North bamboo board's, made with real bamboo, weigh at least 15% less than boards made only from fiberglass, 25%+ less then wood strip boards and 50%+ less then plastic boards of comparable size. This makes it easy to transport the board on and off vehicles, as well as down to the water.

Will this board work for me?

A good rule of thumb: Always plan for the heaviest paddler that will regularly be on your SUP board. A lightweight person can easily move up in size (but a heavier person won't be able to balance well on a small board). The 11'6'' Loon is made for paddlers up to 250 lbs.  This is a conservative weight limit, in which anyone below 250 lbs will feel very balanced and focus primarily on paddling. Paddlers over 250 lbs may have trouble balancing. 

Dimensions: 11'6'' x 32'' x 5''

Features: Round point nose, square tail, tri-fin tracking, 8-piece EVA deck pad, 4-plug bungee system. 

Material: EPS core, Real bamboo with fiberglass finish for extra durability.

Paddle sold separately.